"Celestial Virtues: Forgiveness, Releasing Resentments, Confidence"

Dearest Balthial, Angel of unconditional forgiveness and confidence, I call upon your divine spirit to bless me with the ability to release any resentments or jealous feelings I may be holding, freeing me from their toxic energies. I affirm that I am resilient and confident in my journey, standing tall in my values and beliefs.

With your guidance and loving energy, I can forgive and let go of any negative emotions that may be holding me back. You have taught me the importance of releasing what no longer serves me, and I trust in your guidance to help me free myself from their grasp.

May your divine energy fill me with confidence, helping me to walk confidently on my path, unencumbered by the judgments and opinions of others. May you empower me to let go of any negative emotions, freeing me to focus on the present and work towards my goals.

Thank you, Balthial, for your everlasting blessings, and for helping me to cultivate forgiveness, confidence, and well-being in my life.

Dear Balthial, I come to you today seeking your divine support and guidance. Please help me to release any resentments or negative emotions that may be holding me back, filling me instead with unconditional forgiveness and love.

Please help me to walk with confidence, standing tall in my values and beliefs without being negatively affected by the opinions of others. Help me to focus on the present, letting go of any distractions or negative energy that may be hindering my growth.

May your loving energy strengthen and empower me to move forward in my journey, confident and secure in all that I do, trusting in the power of forgiveness to lead the way.

Thank you for your guidance, your support, and your wisdom as I continue on my journey towards forgiveness, confidence, and unconditional love.

We hope that this Balthial Angel Reading has brought you clarity, comfort, and inspiration. Remember, Balthial is always with you, guiding and supporting you on your journey towards releasing resentments, cultivating forgiveness, and gaining confidence. With Balthial's divine traits of unconditional forgiveness, releasing resentments, and confidence, you can cultivate a life of spiritual growth and renewal. Remain confident, free and empowered with Balthial's guidance and support. May you always walk with a forgiving heart in a life filled with love, harmony, and positivity.

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