"Celestial Virtues: Empowering, Inner Strength, Overcoming Addictive Habits"

Dearest Baglis, Angel of Empowerment and Inner Strength, I call upon your divine spirit to bless me with the strength, willpower, and discipline to overcome any addictive behaviors or habits. I affirm that I am resilient and powerful, gaining the courage to face any challenge with grace.

With your guidance, I can tap into my inner strength and transform my life. You have empowered me with the courage to overcome my struggles, granting me the power to move forward even when it feels hard.

May your divine energy help me to stay focused and disciplined, setting healthy boundaries and habits that serve me on my journey. I trust in your guidance to lead me towards developing my inner power, helping me to cultivate a strong and resilient spirit in everything I do.

Thank you, Baglis, for your abundant blessings, and for helping me to create a life of empowerment and inner strength.

Dear Baglis, I come to you today seeking your divine guidance, support, and wisdom. Please help me to overcome any addictive behaviors or habits that may be holding me back from achieving my highest potential. I pray that you guide me towards developing inner power and the self-discipline I need to move forward with my life.

Please grant me the courage and resilience to face any challenge that comes my way, trusting in my inner strength to help me persevere. May your loving energy empower me to create healthy boundaries and habits that serve me on my journey, bringing balance, peace and prosperity into my life.

Thank you for your divine guidance, for helping me to transform my life and overcome the struggles that have been hindering my growth.

We hope that this Baglis Angel Reading has brought you clarity, comfort, and inspiration. Remember, Baglis is always with you, guiding and supporting you on your journey towards inner strength, discipline and empowerment. With Baglis' divine traits of empowering, inner strength and overcoming addictive habits, you can overcome any challenge and emerge stronger and more resilient. Stay disciplined, focused and empowered in your journey with Baglis' guidance and support. May you cultivate a life of abundance, prosperity, and well-being with Baglis' divine blessings.

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