"Celestial Virtues: inner truth, protective, assisting communications"

Dear Ambriel, angel of inner truth, protection, and communication, I call upon your divine guidance and support. I affirm that I will always seek the inner truth in all situations, trusting the wisdom that comes from within. I will listen attentively to my intuition, knowing that it is a powerful tool that can guide me towards my highest good.

I honor your protective energy, and I trust that you will guard and shield me from all harm. With you by my side, I feel safe and secure, knowing that your loving presence surrounds me at all times.

I aspire to be skilled in communication, just like you, Ambriel. I will use my words to uplift, heal, and inspire others, spreading positivity and kindness wherever I go.

Thank you for being with me on my journey towards self-discovery, growth, and transformation. With your divine qualities and essence, I am sure to achieve my greatest potential.

Dear Ambriel, I come to you today with open heart and mind, seeking your wise and loving guidance. Help me to connect with my inner truth, so that I can lead a life that is authentic and fulfilling. Allow me to trust my intuition, and to honor the messages that come from within.

Protect and shield me from all negative energies and harm, so that I can move forward with confidence and grace. Keep me safe from all physical, emotional, and spiritual harm, so that I may experience life to the fullest.

Guide me to be skilled in communication, so that I may express myself clearly and effectively. Help me to use my words in a positive and healing way, becoming a beacon of light for others.

Thank you, Ambriel, for your divine presence in my life. I am grateful for your wisdom, love, and protection. May your light continue to guide me towards my highest good.

We hope that this Angel Reading has brought you clarity, comfort, and inspiration, and that you feel empowered by the wisdom and protection of Ambriel, the angel of inner truth, protection, and communication. Remember that you are never alone on your journey, and that Ambriel is always with you, guiding and supporting you towards your highest good.

Trust in your intuition, honor your inner truth, and let your communication skills be a positive force in the world. With Ambriel by your side, you can accomplish anything you desire, and experience a life full of joy, love, and blessings.

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